Meshuggah, Devin Townsend, Periphery

Here at HeavyBlog, we have some personal favorites that the majority of us can agree on, Devin Townsend being one of them. In case you’ve never read this blog much before, just know that he is the Almighty One in our eyes and that it will never change unless he goes the way of Metallica and release a shitty collaboration album with Lou Reed. Another favorite ’round these parts are Meshuggah, whose last album really seemed to get a lot of us back into the band. Anyways, you already know that we love both of those bands, but we’re definitely a house divided when it comes to Periphery. Some of us here love them, and others just really don’t see the thrill. At any rate, nobody can deny that Periphery was a great debut record, and while we can disagree with everything they’ve done since then, we usually agree that without it there would have been no popularization of djent.

For fans of all three who happen to live in Britain, you’re in luck! Apparently all three of these guy are doing a show together at Brixton Academy on May 3rd! This is actually a really cool show. The rising stars of Periphery, the already-established masters of progressive metal, and the metal wizard all on the same stage! Tickets are on sale now, so get your wallets ready, Brits.

While this is all good and well for you lucky folks in London, Y U NO FULL NORTH AMERICAN TOUR?


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