Coheed and Cambria - Afterman: The Descension

If you have yet to read my review of Coheed and Cambria‘s upcoming new record The Afterman: Descension, I pointed out that the band had effectively bridged prog rock and pop and likened the track ‘Number City’ to 80’s pop sensation Wham! If you’re of the ethical standpoint that pirating leaked records is a no-no or you just haven’t gotten around to giving the band’s new music a shot yet, you can stream the out-there catchiness that is ‘Number City’ over at NME.

In case you’re curious, this song is about album protagonist Sirius Amory’s delirious perspective of the world immediately following a car crash, seeing the world in numbers as he’s on his way to the hospital. Neat! We’ll be sure to sort out the story for Descension soon for you folks, but you can check out the inner workings of the life of Sirius Amory here and here.

The Afterman: Descension is out February 5th. Get into it.

– JR


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