Killswitch Engage - Disarm the Descent

Yesterday, a radio rip of the new Killswitch Engage single ‘In Due Time’ made its way online to much excitement and fanfare. This is the Killswitch Engage we were all missing out on for years and had been hoping for since the band was rejoined by original vocalist Jesse Leach. In my mind I thought that hoping for things to suddenly turn around just because of Leach returning to the band was a bit presumptuous and setting hopes a bit too high, but ‘In Due Time’ is a seriously great song. It’s structured more or less like every Killswitch song ever, but it feels like it just has more passion and conviction, with a chorus that rules and a guitar solo that shreds. Things are looking good for their new album Disarm The Descent.

UPDATE: The official audio of the track has been posted by the band, you can hop aboard this nostalgia powered time machine straight back to 2002 below:


Disarm the Descent will be out April 2nd on Roadrunner Records.

– JR

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