Intronaut - Milk Leg

We thoroughly enjoy Intronaut. If it wasn’t already evident from my Primer post, I cannot wait for their new album. The fact that I’m interviewing them in two weeks is also making me excited, because hopefully I can get the full scoop on their new album, and hear some of their new songs played live. Until then though, Intronaut have blessed us with the first single from their new record — the art of which was released a little while ago — called ‘Milk Leg’, which can be streamed now over at Invisible Oranges.

In summary, it’s exactly the direction Intronaut should take. It definitely feels more progressive than much of their previous stuff, which seemed primarily sludge based. ‘Milk Leg’ goes heavy on the psychedelic tribal influence that started to shine through in Valley of Smoke. This is post-rock for stoners, as if the trippy album art above didn’t already convey enough. Hearing the drum and bass grooves carrying the song through the bridge with alternating panned guitar chugs makes it clear why they were chosen to open for Tool. If this is any indication, the band may just be on the verge of one-upping Valley of Smoke. 

Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones) will be out soon via Century Media Records. In the meantime, preorder the 7″ single here!


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