Defeated SanityDefeated Sanity

Passages Into Deformity

01. Initiation
02. Naraka
03. Verblendung
04. Lusting For Transcendence
05. The Purging
06. Verses of Deformity
07. Perspectives
08. Frenzy
09. Martyrium


German brutal death metal band Defeated Sanity don’t need many introductions. Having a sound that is built on early Cannibal Corpse, but with a ridiculous amount of added brutality a la Disgorge, their blend of slam and technical death metal is delightful to fans of either genre. All of their releases have been met with at least some degree of acclaim, so their fourth album Passages Into Deformity has a lot to live up to.

In short, it slams. If you’re looking for top notch brutal death metal, this is it. For many, Infant Annihilator was the most brutal release in recent memory, but it’s clear from the first song of Passages Into Deformity that Defeated Sanity operate on a totally different level. Never do the songs drag, even when the band are playing ridiculously slow slams. Each song is a non-stop barrage of heavy riffs that will make you want to headbang without abandon. The guitar riffs are punchy and precise, the vocals are gut-wreching (in a good way!) and the drumming makes the guitars hit even harder. Many bands who attempt overly brutal death metal end up sounding like parodies of the genre, but Defeated Sanity are the real deal, these songs are good enough to set the bar for other bands.

Given the context of previous Defeated Sanity albums, there’s definitely some improvement here. The production is much better than their previous work. The bass is pretty clearly audible at most times, and it adds another layer of brutality to their sound. Not only that, but the occasional small bass licks emphasize a more technical feel, as tech death bands are known for their flashy bass work. The drums also sound phenomenal. The drum tone is very natural and also very clear, which gives the album that old-school feel that is lost on many modern death metal albums. The more evocative nature of natural-sounding drums definitely adds to the brutality too. The guitars are just at the right spot between brutally crunchy and muddy. The vocals are somewhat blurred into the mix, but again, this works in favor of the sound; brutal death metal vocals aren’t supposed to be clear and stand out. Admittedly, this production wouldn’t pass for acceptable in other genres of metal, but it achieves exactly the desired effect here. The sound isn’t as polished as certain other slam bands like Abominable Putridity, but there is definitely merit to a more gritty sound in some cases, and Passages Into Deformity is an excellent case for it.

In the end, this is quite a niche album due to its rather alienating nature of being extremely heavy, but fans of the genre will definitely enjoy it. Even non-fans who are into the heavier variants of deathcore like the aforementioned Infant Annihilator can use this album as a good entry point. Passages Into Deformity is an excellent brutal death metal effort; nothing slams harder.

Defeated Sanity – Passages Into Deformity


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