Nails - Abaondon all Life

Few bands have taken hardcore by storm in such a short amount of time as Nails. Ever since their debut album Unsilent Death in 2010, people can’t seem to get enough of the bands ferocious melding of all things extreme. Their sophomore album Abandon All Life is just around the corner (out March 19th on Southern Lord), and the first taste of the record has finally come. The band’s new single ‘God’s Cold Hands’ is streaming over at Pitchfork, and if the track is any indication, Abandon All Life will be as chaotic and misanthropic as the title would lead us to believe. It isn’t much, with the song wrapping up around the two minute mark, but it’s certainly enough to get excited about.

While you play the song on repeat for good measure, check out their moshworthy headlining tour dates with Xibalba and Early Graves after the jump.

Nails headlining tour Spring 2013

– JR



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