Meshuggah - Pitch Black

… and whatever it is, that’s the album art for it.

Holy hell am I pumped! Between Scion A/V having been a pretty reliable source of great free metal in the past and Meshuggah being themselves, I’m led to believe that this is going to live up to expectations. Even if it’s just a bunch of live stuff it’ll still be great, considering the human-liquifying heaviness and precision in which they deliver their show (which you can experience whilst in the comfort of your own homo home ala their Alive DVD/CD).

Then there’s the big question; what if it isn’t live stuff or shitty remixes? What if this is Meshuggah reaching out to their fans only a year after Koloss with some new stuff in the vein of the I EP? Even better; what if it’s new stuff with a cover song thrown in there? What would Meshuggah choose to represent their brand of innovative musical thinking outside of their own catalogue?

My main argument for the EP being a few new tracks is that Meshuggah haven’t been on tour since December 13th, 2012. That certainly gives them enough time to get into the studio for some quick new tunes that they might’ve written on the road, or even b-sides collecting dust. Sure, that would mean the entire process would have to be done in the span of five weeks, but that seems pretty doable. That’s just my guess; I’m trying to rationalize and convince myself we’re getting new Meshuggah because hey, I want new Meshuggah. Regardless of the speculations abounding, we’ll just have to wait until next Tuesday. For now, you can just read Scion A/V’s post about the EP in anticipation. It doesn’t tell you anything, but you can still read it if you really want to.

– GK

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