Shannon Lucas is one of the best metal drummers ever. Period. Nobody can tell me otherwise. Even when he was in All That Remains he ruled, and to be honest, that’s all the band ever had going for them. But I digress. After announcing his departure from The Black Dahlia Murder a month or so back, I’ve been really digging deep into his work with them and other bands. His playing is just so fluid and so effortless that it’s almost disgusting. He had announced a side project in the same video talking about Adam from Killswitch Engage and Corpsegrinder from Cannibal Corpse doing a sideproject with him, but it seems to be shelved for the moment. But now we’re getting word that there will be another supergroup, consisting of current TBDM vocalist Trevor Strnad, Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury and Adam Faris, who was a member of Wartorn, Lucas’s previous band.

I am super stoked. This lineup is killer, and it’s not going to be hard to make a killer record. The group, unnamed as of today, apparently already has guitars tracked and will be heading into the studio to track vocals and drums very soon. We’ll get you more details as they come!

[News and image via Metalsucks]


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