Monuments 2012

UK’s promising groove metal upstarts Monuments just released their debut album Gnosis just last year, but with the album having seen many delays and taking years to see the light of day, it is to be expected that the band have been sitting on a cache of new material to work on in the mean time. Indeed, it appears that the band aren’t wasting any time in developing new ideas for a second release, as they debuted a new song titled ‘Higgs Boson’ in India’s Spring Fest at IIT Kharagpur this past weekend. Fan shot footage of the track can be seen below:


From what can be heard of the song through the crowd, the song sounds somewhat more hip-hop-esque in the band’s groove and the rhythmic vocal delivery. The cross-section of progressive groove metal and nu-metal actually works in the context of Monuments’ music when the band shows shades of it, which can’t be said for many bands. Frontman Matt Rose said they were working on their new album in the video above, and if this is how it’s shaping up, there’s much to look forward to.

– JR

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