The rumors are true! Norwegian black n’ roll band Kvelertak have signed to Roadrunner Records. An interesting choice for both parties, but Kvelertak had a huge breakout in 2011 that no doubt afforded them the luxury of shopping around for the label that gave them the best offer. After critical success as well as other career highlights such as sharing the stage with Foo Fighters, it’s undoubtedly only going to get better.

The tracklist to their Kurt Ballou produced sophomore album Meir is as follows:

1. Åpenbaring
2. Spring Fra Livet
3. Trepan
4. Bruane Brenn
5. Evig Vandrar
6. Snilepisk
7. Månelyst
8. Nekrokosmos
9. Undertro
10. Tordenbrak
11. Kvelertak

The leading single from the album, ‘Bruane Brenn,‘ can be heard below:


Meir will be released March 26th. According to Roadrunner, we can look forward to Kvelertak North American tour dates that are to be announced soon. Get the mead ready, because it’s going to be a raging party.

– JR


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