As you may recall, iwrestledabearonce had a bit of a shakeup last year when original vocalist Krysta Cameron had a pregnant and left the band. Not wanting to let go of their crowd-drawing gimmick anytime soon, the band opted to pick up another female vocalist by the name of Courtney LaPlante. At first, she was billed as just a stand-in, with her other band Unicron — which sounds pretty much exactly like IWABO — as her main focus.

Now it’s looking like her placement in the band is a touch more permanent than all that, because they’re writing a new album with LaPlante still boasting frontwoman status. Will this have any sort of bearing on how the new material will sound? Likely not, but there’s some news that may have ruined a few days from people who care too much about silly things. I for one enjoyed Ruining it for Everybody, and I’m curious as to how LaPlante will leave her mark on the new record.

– JR


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