Cult of Luna - Vertikal

Swedish Post-metal/hardcore/everything outfit Cult of Luna‘s new album Vertikal, an epic, dark and churning soundscape inspired by Fritz Lang’s cinematic masterpiece Metropolis, has been released for streaming online at the always excellent Brooklyn Vegan. As we stated in our review, the album is fantastic, and certainly lives up to the high bar set by the band’s previous output, the excellent Salvation in particular. There’s still some time left to preorder before the album drops, and the band has quite the package for the deluxe and vinyl versions, for those who still proudly fly the physical copy flag. If you haven’t got the hour dedicated to listen to it quite yet, you can get a sample of this album’s greatness via the single ‘I, The Weapon’ below.


Vertikal drops January 29th in North America on Density Records.

– CK



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