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After rumors spread online that The Faceless drummer Lyle Cooper had left the band — he was absent at a recent live show in Mexico — speculations have now been cleared up, and it is now known that Lyle Cooper has officially parted ways with The Faceless. Taking to his official Facebook page, Lyle had this to say:

“I figured I’d clear up the air about my status with The Faceless.

After almost five years with the band I’ve decided to part ways. Over the last couple of years it seemed that the interests, goals and musical approach of the band was not that of my own. Also, managerial issues became too frequent with no resolution.

These issues, I felt, made it hard for me as an individual to produce as a creative and enthusiastic member. I’m sure that proceeding my departure, the band will have no trouble finding someone with the right mindset and talents to step in and keep the band moving forward.

Thank you to the fans and everyone who supported The Faceless throughout the years. I wish the band and its members nothing but continued success and make sure you catch them on their upcoming tours.

I will still be pursuing my other musical projects so look out for new Absvrdist and Abhorrent this year. –Lyle Cooper

Amid a slurry of recent band losses, this news is a little less shocking then it would have been a few weeks ago, but it is still a sad development. While I was never the biggest fan of The Faceless, it is clear that Lyle is a talented man, and his contribution to the band was always what entertained me the most. Best of luck to Lyle and all his future endeavors. I’ve not spent time iwth Absvrdist or the Abhorrent, but now I know where to go if I ever want to hear more from him.

The Faceless have yet to comment on these developments, so it is currently unknown if they have found a replacement for Cooper. The HAARP Machine‘s Alex Rudinger was behind the kit at the band’s aforementioned show in Mexico, but it’s likely that he was just a last minute stand in. However, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if he was picked up to be Cooper’s permanent replacement.

We’ll keep you updated as news on these matters become available. Cheers.

– EC

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