Walk as Chaos

If not, here’s your daily Walk As Chaos (formerly Enditol) fill!

It’s likely that you’re reading this less than twenty-four hours after I’ve ever discovered this band, and in that small amount of time I’ve managed to get pretty hyped about Walk As Chaos. Just going off the single (below), it sounds like these guys are an awesome breath of fresh air from the endless sea of garbage that inundates the scene now. It’s low-tuned progressive-type metal (I guess? Genres elude me) that relies on vocal hooks so much as it does infectious riffing to keep the song structure constantly fresh and interesting. Oh, and from what I gather, the lyrics are actually coherently thought out and well written. Kudos! To top off that already glorious combination, the video looks like they’ve taken notes on Tool‘s ‘Sober‘ video from 2005 and beefed it up exponentially.


Go ahead and keep walking on with Walk As Chaos on their Facebook page.

– GK


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