Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme

Dying Fetus are one of those bands that just knows how to rock their balls off, and yours as well. They’re one of the last great trios out there, and while they’re not nearly as famous as some of the others, they’re definitely one of the bigger death metal bands. Everyone around these parts seems to really enjoy their music, and their last record Reign Supreme was referred to by most all of us as a great death metal/technical record. Now the band has decided to make another music video for a song on the record, and they chose ‘Second Skin’. Honestly, not a song I would’ve thought they would choose but hey, I guess that’s why I’m not the one making those decisions. The video goes back and forth from live band performances to a storyline about a serial killer, and in true death metal fashion, gets up close and personal. You can watch the video now on Youtube. If you haven’t already, head out and get Reign Supreme, out on Relapse Records, and prepare for some heavy, technical death metal.




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