Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal

Everyone seems to be talking about the new Bring Me The Horizon single ‘Shadow Moses’ and the potential their new album could have. We’ve seen a steady maturation of the band over the years, and it’s all starting to look good. Their forthcoming album Sempiternal is supposed to have more post-rock and ambient influences, and I for one can’t wait to hear how it plays out. You’ve all likely heard the leading single already, but now there’s an interesting video to accompany the song:


The video is pretty odd. It’s like they filmed it in 3D, but instead used an effect to rapidly morph between the left and right cameras. Resident video expert Chris Collins tells me that it’s more likely that they used two cameras positioned side by side instead of a traditional 3D camera, but still the effect is pretty neat despite how jittery it is.

Sempiternal is due out April 29th on Epitaph records. Hopefully a new song is unveiled soon so we can get a better impression.

– JR


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