To anybody who doesn’t know who Jacob Bannon is, he is the lead singer/lyricist/artist of one of, if not the best, hardcore band of all time, Converge. They released an album last year (which was my album of the year) and also did a few festivals and a full-fledged tour. And now we have something else that we can enjoy: a whole documentary about Jacob Bannon, filmed by Ian McFarland.

Being my favorite lyricist and also one of my favorite artists, I think this kicks ass. It’s nice to see people get the recognition that they truly deserve, and it couldn’t have happen to a nicer guy. Anybody that dedicates an album to his dog that passed away deserves all of the medals forever. You can watch the film at Noisey. And if you haven’t yet, (which shouldn’t be the case), go spin All We love We Leave Behind. It’s purely amazing.

– SS


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