Infant AnnihilatorInfant Annihilator

The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution

01. New Born Porn
02. Infant Annihilator
03. Devotion to the Child Rape Syndicate
04. Anal Prolapse Suffocation
05. Whorespawn
06. Embryonic Fetish
07. Immeasurable Foetal Mutilation
08. Torn From The Womb
09. Cuntcrusher
10. Pinned Down and Fisted
11. Flayed and Consumed
12. Bathed In Placenta
13. The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution
14. Decapitation Fornication
15. An Exhalation of Disease
16. Paedophilic Supremacy

[Self Release/Total Deathcore]

Thanks to the internet and inexpensive studio equipment, there’s an increasing surge of bands that are built almost entirely as an online presence first and foremost. This movement seems to flourish in the realm of deathcore in particular, where bands like Slice the Cake get more attention than many touring bands. One such band, Infant Annihilator, have quickly gained notoriety across the internet sparked by a viral music video and a sense of irony and dark comedy that is welcomed by this community of deathcore fans. The group’s first album The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution was highly anticipated, but the reaction so far has been mixed, and rightly so. Infant Annihilator first made their name online through simulated gay sex among its members, which just goes to show how seriously they take themselves. While having a carefree attitude and the ability to make and take jokes is an admirable trait, the carelessness shows through the music as well.

Despite the technical deathcore genre tag, most of the airtime in The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution (henceforth referred to as PLOP) contains throwaway breakdowns that trudge on and are shuffled about in what is often directionless songwriting. There are moments of brilliance where the riffs groove and the band aren’t playing the same songs or recycling some similar ideas, such as the call-and-response breakdown of sweeps in ‘Embryonic Fetish,’ a catchy groove in ‘Whorespawn‘ that the band could have spent more time elaborating upon, and the far too short instrumental piece ‘Paedophilic Supremecy,’ but the band are too busy reveling in their excess to write much in the realm of actual thought-provoking music.

Sonically, the band also feasts itself upon genre tropes like thick compression and programmed drums. At times, this plays to their benefit in producing the heaviest sounding production possible. However, the volume levels clip to static at times, especially audible when the band uses the guitar stereo trade-off riff transition into breakdowns. The programmed drums are typically fairly convincing unless the band goes into blisteringly fast territory, as in the snare rolls in ‘Immesurable Foetal Mutilation‘ that are so loud and invariable that they drown out the rest of the music. The biggest problem with PLOP is that most songs are indistinguishable from the last. The exact same tones, tempos, and ideas are used throughout the record with little variability and no dynamic. Sometimes the band will let the song breathe with sweep picking adding a much needed higher musical register or a rare guitar solo will bleed through, but there’s an overall air of monotony to this record that’s hard to overcome.

As mentioned previously, Infant Annihilator — much like fellow internet deathcore favorites Rings of Saturn — are built on the excess of their respective genres, with brutality and offensive lyrical content pushing the extremities of the genre into a territory that paints the band as archetypal caricatures with no other purpose but to just see how far a band can go in a single direction and get away with it. Archetypes are always important as a foundation, but they often lack depth, which is the problem with Infant Annihilator’s first offering. Of course, the band themselves would probably counter that this was the whole purpose of PLOP, and its relative success in the scene speaks for itself. In fact, the album does manage to succeed on this front somewhat when listening to this record for its sheer fun factor. However, on a critical musical front, this can be seen as little more than an inside joke that wears out its gimmick within a few songs. This can be fairly damning, considering some of the better songs reside beyond this turning point in patience.

Given maturation and some new ideas, Infant Annihilator could shake the idea that they’re a joke band. There are already shades of incredible musicianship displayed when given the chance, but these moments are often fleeting and take a lot of wading through try-hard brutality to get there. All criticisms aside, PLOP can let itself sink in and manifest its wretched grooves in powerful ways, but the band should hit the drawing board and implement some much needed depth into their music if they want to be known for more than tongue-in-cheek pedophilia and deathcore slapsticks, though I have a feeling that perhaps they don’t.


Infant Annihilator – The Palpable Leprosy gets…


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