Before I knew any better, I thought ABBA were just a silly disco band based on their one-hit wonder over ‘Dancing Queen’ in the United States. In their homeland of Sweden though, it seems that ABBA were a massive hit, often referenced as being influences among many metal musicians hailing from the country, including Opeth‘s Mikael Akerfeldt. This puzzled me (“why would a death metal guitarist care about disco?”), so I decided to finally seek out their other tracks, and as it turns out, they’ve got some pretty cool tunes. I remember one such song, ‘I’m A Marionette‘ which was quite epic and theatrical, a song cool enough to be in a James Bond soundtrack.

Wouldn’t you know it, Ghost have covered the track in their own style, with the always awesome Dave Grohl on drums no less! You can listen to the track below:


For reference, here’s the original, which I actually prefer.


The band’s fortcoming sophomore album Infestissumam is due out this spring on Metal Blade/Rise Above records.

[via Metal Insider]

– JR


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