I’ve gone on record multiple times gushing about how much I love East of the Wall, and everyone in the band, and while I’m still waiting for some news regarding their forthcoming record (here’s hoping it actually comes out this year) I have to say that I’m pretty content to wait a bit longer now that Matt Lupo, one of the guitarists and vocalists for the band, has just released the first EP under his new solo moniker.

The project is called opul, and the EP is titled Personnel. There are some elements reminiscent of East of the Wall, but opul is far more ambient oriented, with more airey vocals, that are also much more prominent in the mix at times, and less of crust or hardcore influence.There’s also a bit of stoner rock vibe to it all. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the thing, but it’s pretty entertaining, and it’s actually a decent length for an EP. With four tracks that average out to about five minutes apiece, the whole thing clocks in at an even twenty two minutes. So it’s a nice little EP that you can get for free, or you can buy it by naming whatever price you may desire.

You can stream the EP from the widget it above, and if you like it please give the man some of that dosh you have in your wallet. Cheers.

– EC


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