Sockweb. Little girl does grindcore with her dad. If you didn’t know, now you’re caught up. Frankly, you should be keeping up.

The adorable father-daughter project has just released its third song, the title track to their forthcoming record Werewolf (tentative album art above). Seven year old frontgirl Joanie Bologna’s vocals are getting absolutely vicious in that instead of the yelling she did in the first track, she’s expanding her voice to include actual growls and screams. People have been comparing her to Kat Katz of Agoraphobic Nosebleed since the project’s inception but now the two are even closer. To make things even better, the song ends in a totally rad southern metal groove torn from the latest Red Fang record along with sick lead work done by Spiralmountain‘s Erik Ebsen. The clashing of styles may seem weird on paper but the whole thing is amazing. It’s actually the best thing the duo has done yet.


I realize that Sockweb is a gimmick, but it’s the best gimmick I’ve ever heard. It also helps that the music is legitimately good. As always, we’ll keep you up to date on all happenings Sockweb as they work on their debut album.

– JR


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