Polkadot Cadaver, the Baltimore based experimental rock band (and spiritual successor to Dog Fashion Disco) has been relatively quiet since their much lauded 2011 sophomore effort, Sex Offender — an album that I absolutely adored from the first listen — and have been content to just keep up their abundant touring schedule for the past two years. However, the band has recently came out of their hiding hole, and announced to the world the name of their forthcoming third album, Last Call in Jonestown. Of course, that’s not a lot to go on, as it’s an obviously esoteric album name, but still, it is something!

As well releasing this information the band has announced that the album will be released on May 7th of this year, and will be released through the band’s own Razor to Wrist Records. However, the most exciting news to come out about this record is that Neil Fallon of Clutch fame has signed on to appear on the track ‘Transistors of Mercy’. I think it’s fair to say that my hype status for this album has reached the status of “elevated”.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the status of the album as news becomes available, and I’m sure we’ll have a review for the album when the time comes.

– EC


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