Memfis – TBA (Self Released)


I discovered Memfis based solely on the sweet, sweet artwork their 2011 release Vertigo had. I’ll give you a moment to wrap your brain around that geometric, pattern-laden nightmare. Got it? Alright. Vertigo is a sick blend of progressive tendencies, hardcore punk, groovy old school rock, and even a little keyboard-driven ambiance… because when you’re that talented, why the hell not? They’ve been hinting at some new material via pictures of them in the studio since late 2012, which leads me to assume they’ll be unleashing Dr. Memfistein’s monster on the world soon enough. I’d love to see them ramp it up to a whole new level of pure insanity for this record and finally get the recognition they deserve. Clue in to odd world of Memfis here on their Facebook.


Haken – TBA (Sensory Records)


Despite being two albums deep, I’m convinced that Haken can do no wrong. In fact, their 2011 release Visions still holds true to my initial reaction of “this might be one of the best damn things I have ever heard in my life.” Seriously. The band essentially take everything I love to nerd out over in the progressive rock genre and put pretty metal edge on it without being gimmicky. Sure they use eight strings, and sure everyone i the band can play circles around a lot of people at their respective instruments (or vocals), but Haken either haven’t figured that out yet or truly know how to write an amazing song without going overboard. Head on over to their Facebook and check out the demo compilation for album #3!


Aegaeon – TBA (Self Release)


Great, more generic space metal… right? Wrong! Idiot. Aegaeon are the heaviest band this side of the entire universe, and you’re not allowed to think otherwise. Their 2010 album Dissension is downright ridiculous, only to be followed up equally as heavy with last year’s the Human EP. Then disaster struck late last year with the vocalist James Martin’s departure from the band, leaving some rather large lungs to fill in his place. As much as it sucks to know new Aegaeon won’t have Martin’s lows from hell, they’ve now got Pathology‘s former Jonathan Huber as their frontman for however long. At the very least, they’ve let us all know he’ll be recording a single with them! Enough of me giving you their entire history as a band; go like their page.



Caricature – The Sound of One Man’s World Collapsing (Label Shopping)


Remember when I did an article about Caricature letting you know how cool they are and debuted a new song? That was pretty sweet. If that single is any indication of how well the album will pair heavy and catchy, then I think we’ve got a shoe-in for one of the best albums of the year already. Caricature is an interesting breed of animal that doesn’t really stick to one genre, but doesn’t confuse the living hell out of you by jumping to the extremes of all the genres it covers. Case and point being the demo EP Birth by Sleep out in 2012, which you can get for the glorious price of “Buy Now” over at the Caricature Bandcamp. Not keeping yourself posted on Caricature via Facebook would be a very, very unwise thing to do. Unless you hate great music.



Scar Symmetry – TBA  (Nuclear Blast Records)

Scar Symmetry

Scar Symmetry are one of the bands that got me into metal, and I’ll always be grateful for that. With a slew of great albums out on the market already, the guys are looking to add another sometime in 2013! The closest thing to an official announcement we’ve got to go off of right now is what appears to be artwork the band posted about a week ago from the time of this publication. As much as people complained about their 2011 release The Unseen Empire, I really dug it and sincerely hope the band takes that sound and runs with it right back in the direction of what will always be my favorite, Holographic Universe. Scar Symmetry seem to have awoken from their social media dormancy as of late, so now’s a pretty good time to go give their page a like!


– GK


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