The Acacia Strain

Not in the way that you’re hoping for though!

The Acacia Strain have been reported to be releasing their Money for Nothing EP on February 19th. Most of the tracks are just alternate versions of songs and b-sides that never quite saw the light of day on a larger scale, though the title track is only reported to be an outtake of ‘The Dead Walk.’ I’ll just sit here and quietly hope they’ve taken the Dire Straits classic and made it thirty-thousand tons heavier instead. Anyway, the track list is as follows-

01. ‘Money For Nothing
02. ‘Brown Noise
03. ‘Global Warming
04. ‘Stay Puft
05. ‘The Hills Have Eyes (Pentagon.3 version)
06. ‘Terminated (Pentagon.3 version)

I’m a huge fan of these little compilations scattered throughout a band’s career. It gives me that little something extra to nerd out over, and tides me over until their next release… even though we just got Death is the Only Mortal a few months back.

Maybe I’m too much of a high-maintenance fan.

– GK

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