Tesseract – Altered State (Century Media)


Their debut was Alkahest’s number one album of 2011, and for good reason. Just go and read our review of it and you will see why. However, marred by singer issues, they released an acoustic EP with Elliot Coleman, only to have him depart from the band weeks later. Now they have a fantastic new singer in Ashe O’Hara, who finds the perfect balance between Tompkins and Coleman. Now the time has come for them to release something new, and they’ve already well begun the writing process and are gearing up to hit the studio soon and record. Hopefully it can surpass the epic One, which will be very hard to do.



The Dillinger Escape Plan – TBA (Sumerian Records)

The Dillinger Escape Plan (by Katie Thompson)

It goes without saying that The Dillinger Escape Plan are one of the most innovative and creative bands out there today, and even in metal’s history. They’ve pioneered extreme math metal/hardcore since their inception, and are no strangers to experimentation. And guess what everyone? They’re recording their new album as we speak! I’m super pumped; Dillinger is one of the reasons why I got into avant-garde music in the first place, and were really the gateway to bands like UneXpect and Gorguts. Anyways, though their album is currently untitled and no release date known as of yet, I’m happier than Alkahest is when I don’t use personal pronouns in my reviews!



Intronaut – Habitual Levitations (Century Media Records)


The prog-metal sludge giant is back folks! Nearly three years after the release of their critically acclaimed album Valley Of Smoke, Intronaut are poised to release their new album, Habitual Levitations, March 19th through Century Media Records. As a huge fan of the band I can honestly say I am beyond stoked. The samples from their studio updates sound massive, and their last album was one of the best to come out of 2010, and it’s still on my favorites playlist. I’m going to see them in less than a month, so hopefully I can hear some previews or find out more details!



Carcass – TBA


Any band that invents and/or pioneers a new style of music is always fantastic. Some examples are Death, Converge, and Mayhem, who all experimented and now have legions of bands following the footsteps they tread years before. Carcass is no different. With 1993’s Heartwork, the band successfully blended death metal with Iron Maiden style harmonies to form melodic death metal, a genre that has given us bands such as In Flames, At The Gates, and Dark Tranquillity. After a twelve year hiatus and many tours and festivals, Carcass are ready to put out their first new album in nearly twenty years. Quite a feat, if you ask me. They are currently finishing it up for an anticipated early 2013 release, and I am stoked. Carcass are really the first band that got me into melodeath, and I still love their early work, despite it being more grindcore-esque. Be on the lookout for their new record soon.



Gorguts – TBA


Obscura is the best avant-garde album ever. Period. Nobody will tell me otherwise. It is also the second best technical death metal album ever (behind Spawn Of Possession’s Incurso, released last year) and is no doubt a classic. They recently performed on some of the legendary Death To All tour, and Noyan was lucky enough to see them. Turns out, their new album is done and they are shopping it around to labels for a release this year! SWEETNESS. Seriously, I love this band and expect nothing less than greatness from them, and just the mere thought of Luc Lemay and co. going on tour to support it is enough to make me drool a little bit (don’t judge me). So seriously, follow them everywhere you possibly can, because I have a feeling this album is going to be my Album Of The Year. While you’re at it, here’s their seminal album in all of its glory, just to refresh your memory.





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