Aliases 2012

In the past decade or so, it’s been known for British bands to have apparently disproportionately larger chances of losing vocalists. Sikth disbanded because they lost their trademark dual frontmen, and recently Tesseract, Monuments, and Aliases all have had the misfortune of having inconsistent vocalists. Perhaps it’s the availability heuristic at work, but apparently a good vocalist is hard to come by out in the UK.

It’s often a repeated issue as well; Tesseract are on their third vocalist since their 2011 debut album One and now Aliases (ex-Sikth) have lost their second vocalist since their 2011 EP Safer than Reality. It was only September of last year that Leigh Dale (above center) joined Aliases, but this lineup didn’t last for long. Drummer Darren Pugh explains,

“Unfortunately it just didn’t work out with Leigh in the way that we had hoped. As a band, Aliases has always been about moving forward, no matter what obstacles present themselves and are eagerly beginning the search for a new vocalist immediately.”

The good news is though, band are opening auditions for the part to the public, and if you’re seriously interested in an audition, you can email amanda[at]possessivemanagement[dot]com to apply. According to Basick Records, the audition process will cover 4 stages as outlined below:

1. Vocal cover recorded for 2 tracks against backing tracks
2. Interview with Aliases’ management
3. Live close door performance with the band
4. Writing assessment

So if you’re ambitious and have the chops to front this act into their debut full-length album, get in touch with management.

– JR

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