Soilwork – The Living Infinite (Nuclear Blast Records)

Soilwork - The Living Infinite

Although Soilwork are legends in the melodic death metal genre at this point, many fans have started to wonder whether or not the band were past their prime as musicians. If they have anything to say about it, their forthcoming double record The Living Infinite will put that wondering to rest. Based on what little we’ve heard from The Living Infinite already, things are looking great for Soilwork. Says frontman Bjorn Strid:

“So here’s the scoop. Me and the boys have been waiting to share this for quite some time now: The Living Infinite will be a double album! A REAL double album, in the true sense of the word, which means no fillers and no left-overs.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I proposed the idea to the rest of the guys in the band, during our festival tour last summer. Everybody liked the title The Living Infinite and also the idea of working towards the goal of releasing a double album. David Andersson was already playing with us last summer, so he has also been a part of this goal from the start. I feel very excited and proud that we’ve managed to find the inspiration and dedication it takes to create somewhat of a conceptual double album, especially since it’s dealing with a lot of existential questions.”

This album marks one of the few times I’ve been actively excited for a new Soilwork record — not that I had low expectations and think poorly of the band, but because my casual interest in the band sees itself more or less limited to the highly praised Natural Born Chaos and odd singles peppered throughout their discography. The Living Infinite however gets my full anticipation. It’ll be out


Cult of Luna – Vertikal (Indie Recordings/Density Records)

Cult of Luna - Vertikal

One of the only featured primer records we’ve actually already had the pleasure of hearing already, this sprawling post-metal tribute to the sci-fi classic Metropolis has already carved out its mark as one of the first great records of 2013. Speaking of the album and its theme, the band stated:

“Before we started writing, we were keen to find a theme that in a very direct way could be shown through the music, and we hope to have achieved this. We developed clear structures — very linear, refusing to over complicate the writing process. The album’s concept was heavily influenced by Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis and features themes of machinery, repetition and clear, linear structures.”

In his review of Vertikal, our writer Atif called it their greatest record yet. January 25th. Get into it.


Byzantine – Byzantine (Self-Released)

Byzantine - Byzantine

West Virginian prog/groove metal rising stars Byzantine have been much talked about since their reformation in 2010. The band are finally poised to release their first record in five years on February 26th without any record label backing. It isn’t hard to imagine why they’d rather go DIY on their forthcoming self-titled record, what with things with their last label Prosthetic Records going sour. We’ll soon see how the band fares out on their own, but so far, it looks like Byzantine are back on track to becoming groove metal titans.



Persefone – TBA (Kolony Records)


Persefone are a recent discovery of mine based on the recommendation that are for fans of Between the Buried and Me. While it’s true that this Andorran progressive metal group could find themselves VERY comfortable in the library of a BTBAM fan, they’re more rooted in the world of death metal and wild classic prog flourishes. An even more extreme BTBAM? Yes, it exists and you can look forward to a new album from Persefone later this year.


– JR


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