Okay, so I guess Devourment technically isn’t really a slam band, but you can expect maximum brutality while still being completely listenable. To be honest, Devourment were one of the bands I’ve apparently been sleeping on, but the hype surrounding their forthcoming record Conceived In Sewage is making me take notice. The first taste of the record comes in the way of the track ‘Fifty Ton War Machine‘ and its accompanying lyric video, which can be seen after the jump. The video (which displays the record’s gruesome artwork) is NSFW so you folks in work or class right now don’t have to be marked as “that guy” by accidentally seeing a disembodied head being facefucked by some weird shit tentacles. Yeah.



Keep an eye out for Devourment’s Conceived in Sewage, out February 19th on Relapse Records.

– JR


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