Coming off the high of 2012’s great releases might make 2013 seem like it’ll pale in comparison, but consider all the potentially great albums we’ll be hearing this year. There are going to be surefire classic debuts from bands like Ovid’s Withering and Being, releases from mainstay metal titans like Soilwork, and even reunion albums from Carcass and Extol! Obviously those are just the names that immediately pop into my head and don’t even begin to probe the depths of this year’s fantastic lineup. So then how exactly do we begin to explore the vastness of what’s to come? Well, a little teamwork by all of us here at Heavy Blog of course! We’ve all taken a few bands to look at for 2013 and get you all pumped up about their releases. With that being said, I’ll shut up with this introduction now and get to why you’re really here.

Ghost – Infestissumam (Rise Above Records)


Their 2010 debut Opus Eponymous left me more interested in where the band was going rather than the record itself. Ghost take everything I love about classic heavy metal and horror flicks, and push it right up into the 2000’s. Not to mention they’ve managed to master the extremely fickle art of creating alternate personas for everyone in the band and a theatrical presence (both on and off the stage) without letting all of it get in the way of making excellent music. Spring 2013 brings on their next record Infestissumam, which from what we’ve all heard on it’s first single ‘Secular Haze,’ seems to be taking one step further into much more eerie place. Oh. and Nick Raskulinecz is producing the audible horror. You might know his handiwork from a lot of huge names, most recently being DeftonesKoi No Yokan. Join the cult of Ghost on Facebook, but be aware that by clicking the Like button you automatically forfeit your soul.


Frost* – TBA Third Album (InsideOut)


If you haven’t heard both of Frost*’s releases, you’re missing out. 2006 gave us progressive rock fans Milliontown, which is easily one of the best albums I have ever heard in my entire life, and 2008 saw very different but nonetheless awesome Experiments in Mass Appeal. Both of these albums double as lovely soundtracks for extremely cold weather or snow storms. Frost* was dissolved in 2011 to be brought back mid-2011 as a solo project for keyboard deity Jem Godfrey, which then turned back into Frost* by the end of 2011. The as-of-yet-unnamed album is set to surface at some point this year, and in the mean time you can check out this particular YouTube channel for some new tunes performed live by the band! From what I’ve heard, the new album takes all the pop sensibilities of Experiments and throws them back in time to when Jem was still wrapping his head around Milliontown, which sounds a whole lot like perfection to me. Frost* are too damn cool for Facebook (hah. puns.), so you’ll just have to lurk around on their forums instead.



David Maxim Micic – Bilo 3.0 (Self-Release)

David Maxim Micic

To try and guess what the hell he’s going to do next would be pretty stupid. With a whopping nine songs out his two Bilo EPs, he covers more ground than a lot of bands do on several albums, and manages to do so intelligently without making it sound like he’s purposefully trying to shock you. Bilo 1.0 was four tracks that played out as one half-an-hour composition, while Bilo 2.0 was a collection of five single songs that covered everything from Nintendo-type melodies to ethnic waltzes complete with operatic vocals. Now that we’ve moved into 2013 and apparently avoided our Mayan destruction, we’re getting David’s next release… Bilo 3.0. Apparently the guy has something against naming his records anything but Bilo? That, or he’s working toward dropping the bomb on us after he’s released a bunch of Bilos that they all play together as one massive song. Regardless of the naming conventions, I’m really curious to see what David’s got in store. I’m betting it’ll be something along the lines of hip hop flavored death metal with just a pinch of ambient post-rap film scores. Click here to find out what the hell I’m talking about.



Xerath – III (Candlelight Records)


If you haven’t heard ‘Reform, Pt. 3‘ off their II album from 2011, then you haven’t felt what it is to so encompassed by a groove that one-man moshing is the only option. Xerath take everything you love about movie soundtrack orchestral work and make it ridiculously groovy metal, to put it simply. The band has taken an interesting path over the course of their two-album career thus far, with I being much more rhythmically oriented with an emphasis on the sonic textures of the songs, and II being just as groove laden, but more riffy and at a quicker pace. Now that we’ve arrive at what I can only assume will be called III, it’ll be really interested to see where they go with it. Xerath have a penchant for never seriously overcomplicating things in their music, but taking the bare essentials and running with it. Maybe there’ll be a ‘Reform, Pt. 4,’ and it’ll be so heavy that there’ll be a “Remember to Lift With Your Legs!” sticker on the CD? Probably. Click here for heavies.


– GK


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