Spain’s death metal oddballs Wormed have taken an age to put out their sophomore full-length album. Their celebrated debut Planisphaerium came out in 2005 — almost eight years ago! Obviously, the band hasn’t been inactive all this time; we did get a stellar EP Quasineutrality in 2010, and while any new amount of Wormed music is significant, I have an illogical desire for bands to put out full-lengths in lieu of EP’s. But I guess that’s just me being silly, and at the end of the day I happily take what I can get.

Thankfully Wormed’s new full-length album Exodromos is just around the corner, due out March 26th via Willowtip Records. The first new track from the album, ‘Nucleon,’ has been made available for streaming, which you can spazz out to in wild and rapid bodily movements below:


It’s proggy, it’s technical, and it’s absolutely brutal. It wouldn’t shock me one bit if Exodromos becomes my favorite extreme record of 2013.

– JR

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