This morning we gave highlight to the much anticipated Kvelertak sophomore release Meir. Their blend of party-starting hardcore, rock and roll, and black metal is intoxicating, for the lack of a better word. Few bands are able to get fists pumping in a non-ironic sort of way. If you haven’t heard their self titled debut album, quit being an egg and go do that. It’s one of the greatest albums to come out of 2011.

For those of us privy to the ‘tak, there’s a new song available for streaming on BBC Radio One’s Rock Show. The band’s new single ‘Bruane Brenn‘ can be heard by pulling up the full show and skipping to around 27:40. You don’t need me to sit here and tell you that the song rocks. Just go listen now while you can, because the show expires in about five days from now.

Kvelertak’s Meir will be out around March this year, hopefully. We’ll let you know!

– JR


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