As I have mentioned previously, you’d be hard pressed to find a more tireless advocate for Australian metal and heavy music than the Welkin Entertainment Group, which is headed by Ne Obliviscaris‘ violinist, Tim Charles.  In 2012, one of their many initiatives was to produce three compilation albums which featured up and coming Australian bands and were handed out for free at various festivals and gigs.  The the first of these albums was the Progfest 2012 Compilation, which included tracks from Branch Arterial, Glass Empire, Breaking Orbit and a host of other progressive rock and metal bands, while the second compilation was the metal-focused Euphony Fusion VI , which included tracks by, amongst others Be’lakor, Gods of Eden and, of course, Ne Obliviscaris.  As if giving away free CDs wasn’t enough, Welkin now has both compilations available for free download at the following Facebook pages:

Progfest 2012 Compilation

Euphony Fusion VI

According to Welkin, the download link for Euphony Fusion VI will be disappearing on Friday, so you’ll need to act quickly should you be interested in acquiring this feast of up and coming Australian metal.  While you’re at it, why not ‘like’ the Welkin Facebook page, and keep your eyes peeled for The Time Is Now, a compilation of Australian hardcore that Welkin should also have available for free download shortly.

– GS


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