The Omega Experiment

We shared this news with you folks before our break through various small means, but this news is too exciting we couldn’t avoid giving it its own news post. Our friends The Omega Experiment have inked a record deal with Listenable Records, home to fellow like-minded progressive bands such as Gorod, Sybreed, and Betraying the Martyrs. Perhaps the most telling of this news is that Listenable Records are a fairly major starting point for many bands that grew into being powerhouses in the genre, namely Soilwork, Gojira and Textures. Obviously, The Omega Experiment are in great company!

With this new deal comes the promise of a physical re-release of The Omega Experiment’s self-titled debut album on February 25th and increased touring as the band continues work on their sophomore album, tentatively due out early 2014. Be sure to hit the band up on Facebook in the mean time! Congratulations guys, you deserve it!

– JR

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