The Black Dahlia Murder 2013 teaser

Ladies and gentlemen, modern death metal titans The Black Dahlia Murder are now in the studio, and have wasted no time in getting the hype train rolling on their forthcoming release. The band posted the above teaser for their new album Everblack on Facebook following internet-wide news that the band have entered the studio with Eyal Levi at Audiohammer Studios, and there’s quite a bit of excitement around these parts. Following what might be one of their best releases in 2011’s Ritual and the band’s increasing popularity, a new record building upon that foundation with Levi’s stellar production is a no-brainer for getting stoked over.

Unfortunately the anticipation is matched with some apprehension, as TBDM are now without famed drummer Shannon Lucas, who has been a major staple for the band since jumping ship from All That Remains in 2005. At this stage in their careers though, it won’t be overly difficult to find a brilliant full-time replacement. Their current fill-in drummer Alan Cassidy seems to remain intact, and while there’s no confirmation that he’s actually the one recording the album, it’s probably a safe bet.

So with all this in mind, keep your eyes out this summer for Everblack on Metal Blade Records.

– JR


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