Happy new year, everyone! Welcome back to Heavy Blog. So, if you’ve been paying attention, 2012 was an awesome year. Some of the greatest metal records ever were released, and some new bands even hit the scene and made a name for themselves off their debut album. Now with 2013 on its way, we have tons of new records coming out that we are already stoked for! Everything from After The Burial to Soilwork to Frost* to Fair To Midland, this record is already shaping up to be just as good, if not better, than 2012 was. So, as a way to kick off the new year, here are five bands with new albums on the horizon, a reminder of why their last release was so great, and why you should be just as excited as we are.


The Ocean – TBA (Metal Blade)

The Ocean

After releasing two awesome albums in 2010, The Ocean toured the world. Both Heliocentric and Anthropocentric were great in their own right, but the latter was truly spectacular. My favorite record of 2010, it really set the bar high for progressive metal. Honestly it was the most consistent release the band had ever put out. And in 2013 will deliver yet another awesome Ocean release: According to the band:

The new album will be a single album containing 52 minutes of new music. It will be mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, …) in January and will come in 2 versions: instrumental and with vocals. Comments The Ocean’s Robin Staps: “The album was originally written to be instrumental, but in the end me and Loic couldn’t help but try out a few things vocalwise and we soon got pretty excited… so there will be vocals on the album; however, we want everyone to have both versions, and we are also planning to perform the album live that way – with and without vocals.”

The special edition of the album will be released along with a film by Craig Murray (Nine Inch Nails). The 3x DVD “Collective Oblivion” has been postponed for a release later in the year, but shall also see the light of day in 2013.

So get pumped! Their newest record will be out April 30th, so follow them on Facebook for up-to-date info!

Mastodon – TBA (Warner/Reprise)


Not much really needs to be said here, and really, not much is known at all about the upcoming Mastodon record aside from the fact that it’s about time for them to start their next album cycle. You know how great Mastodon is, and how great each and every one of their albums are, so if you’re not stoked for this release, then you’re just not fun. Follow them on Facebook, and their new record is set to be released towards the tail end of the year.


Letlive – TBA (Epitaph)


I hadn’t heard of the band until Fake History came out. I instantly fell in love with it, and still think it is  one of the best post-hardcore records ever. Seriously. Then I saw them live, and nothing changed. Except maybe the band becoming more awesome. They are INSANE. Frontman Jason Aalon Butler strips to just boxer shorts, does wallflips, moshes with the crowd, hangs from the rafters, and stage dives throughout his entire performance. I met him after the show and I can honestly say he was the nicest, most down to Earth guy I’ve met. Smile on his face, wearing an old-school Anthrax shirt and hat similar to what Joey Belladonna would wear. He told me straight up after I thanked him for his performance that he loves what he does and he does it for us. And that’s all I could ever ask for as a fan. So go buy Fake History if you haven’t already, and follow them on Facebook! Expect their new release around summertime. (Not only that, but I get to see them live in less than a month again and I’m super stoked!)

SHINING (NOR) – One One One (Indie Recordings)


Blackjazz was my second favorite release of 2010. This record is the weirdest, most difficult to describe, dirtiest, beautiful record I’ve ever heard. Take Gorguts, mix it with jazz undertones, add some Mayhem and Immortal, and then you have Shining. Seriously. This record will absolutely blow your mind. And their next one will be in the same vein, which makes for stoking. The best part about the band is that they can move effortlessly from genre to genre without you even realizing it, and they craft some really memorable hooks and melodies, and they have amazing riffs as well. Mixing on the record is just wrapping up, so expect One One One out in the first half of 2013. In the mean time, follow the oft-updated SHINING Facebook page for up to date info on how the record’s coming along.


Born of Osiris – TBA (Sumerian Records)


The Discovery was a really good record. It was a huge step forward for a band that many tended to lump into the rest of the deathcore scene, and it really made them stand out from the rest. It was one of 2011’s best releases. Save for the production, this album kicks ass. In late Spring or early Summer the band has said a new record will be out, and it will be in the vein of The Discovery. This is killer, especially because the band isn’t afraid to try and experiment with new things. So hopefully the band’s next step forward will be one in the right direction, because this band has already done great things, and they’re capable of even greater.


– SS

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