Our writers are often involved in music projects of their own, and the latest in-house output comes from writer Anthony “Alucard” DiGiacomo’s project Encircle‘s new album Into The Dreamstate. Seeing release this Friday, the album is available for digital pre-order at Bandcamp, where the song’s title track is available for streaming. If you’ve never heard the instrumental project before, think along the lines of a heavier and more metallic Scale The Summit, and you’re in the ballpark. And no, it’s not djent.

Here’s the tracklist:

1 – Instances
2 – When the Colors Bleed Away
3 – Into the Dreamstate (ft Sarah Longfield of The Fine Constant)
4 – You Were The Tempest
5 – As the Horror Unfolds
6 – An Awful Image of Calm Power
7 – Confessor
8 – An Ending Without A Story (ft Plini of Halcyon)
9 – Retribution (Ft Dan Wieten of The Omega Experiment)
10 – The Serpent and the Static Between Thoughts
11 – The Curse of Consciousness (ft Mark Hawkins of DEVOLVED and Chris Vogagis of Wide Eyes)
12 – If The Day Should Come

Having heard the album this past weekend, it’s easily his best work yet. Give it a spin when the album drops this Friday, January 11th.

– JR

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