It wasn’t until 2011’s There Is A Hell… that I gained an appreciation for the polarizing metalcore group Bring Me The Horizon. Often credited as being one of the bands responsible for popularizing deathcore in their early days, the band has since grown and evolved, picking up more mature musical influences and going for a somewhat artsy aesthetic. My interest was piqued for their upcoming album Sempiternal when the band stated in interviews that the new material had a touch of post-rock influence; after all, who wouldn’t be slightly curious at the prospect of BMTH aping If These Trees Could Talk and This Will Destroy You. If anything, the most cynical of us could say they’ve gotten bored of ripping off Architects and instead decided to take a grab at Devil Sold His Soul.

While not necessarily in the ballpark of post-rock, Sempiternal‘s leading single ‘Shadow Moses’ does have an epic sort of air about it and has layers of ambiance. The single sounds massive, and while all we’ve got is a decent quality radio rip from Daniel P. Carter’s Rock Show on BBC Radio One, Terry Date’s production shows signs of being extravagant. Also, bonus points for the Metal Gear Solid reference.

Stream the track below:


Sempiternal will be out later this year, perhaps around April.

– JR


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