Sometimes you don’t need to be the fastest, loudest, or even the most technical in order to get noticed. Sometimes you just need to have the right songs that are not only powerful but memorable. And many bands can’t do both simultaneously, and unless you’re the newest “craze” in the music world most people don’t really take notice. Hopefully this can change that a little bit.

Coerce play a blend of alternative rock and post-hardcore. It’s super captivating, especially to think that it works so well when normally the two things don’t go hand in hand. Every time this band is on my playlist I repeat their song over and over again. They just are catchy as hell. They hail from Australia, so you know they take up a range of influences from other Aussie bands, and there are some definite influences from Dead Letter Circus and The Butterfly Effect on here, but nothing that sounds like a cheap rip-off or a copycat band. So check these guys out and follow them on Facebook!



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