Soilwork - The Living Infinite

That’s something I didn’t really expect to say anymore. As many seminal melodic death metal bands have done over the years, I expected to take a path towards accessibility. While it’s a bummer, people get older and less angry and ultimately have families to provide for. After a certain point, people stop expecting extreme bands to “bring it.” Soilwork apparently wanted to prove to everyone that they still had some ballsy power left in their music, and their new single ‘Spectrum of Eternity’ proves this without hesitation with a maelstrom of blasts and technical guitar work. You can stream the track below:

This certainly bodes well for the upcoming double album The Living Infinite in some respects, but can listeners take that much Soilwork at once? It remains to be seen, but I’m decidedly more stoked on what’s to come. You can catch The Living Infinite March 5th through Nuclear Blast Records.

– JR


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