Fleshgod Apocalypse are kind of a favorite around these parts. The Italian tech-death metallers have wowed many metal fans since their formation and release of  their debut album, 2009’s Oracles, but it took me a bit longer to get into them, having only really liked their latest release, 2011’s Agony. The mix of traditional tech-death and symphonic elements was so visceral and exciting, it won me over nearly instantaneously.

While the band have proven how great they are at making music, and composing brilliant pieces of aural pleasure, it’s not the only area they’re skilled in. With the debut of last year’s music video for ‘The Violation’ off of the previously mentioned Agony — the band proved that they have quite a knack for creating stimulating and entertaining music videos. Of course they had a load of help with that, but still, I’m sure the band had their hands in the creative honey pot while that thing was being shot.

Which brings us to this little bit of news, as the band have just released a fifty second teaser video for their upcoming music video release. The music video will be for the song ‘The Forsaking’, and will debut on December 21st, you know, the day that all those loons seem to think will be the end of the world. While I’m sure the band, and any intelligent member of society, knows how ridiculous the December 21st apocalypse thing is, I have to say that their is a bit of poetry in releasing the band’s video on that day. After all, the band has apocalypse in their name. It just seems like the perfect fit. And if that is the day that we are sent to our doom — it’s not —- what better way to go out than being ushered into the afterlife by the likes of Fleshgod? I’m down for it.

The teaser itself doesn’t feature that much information for the viewer, just some still shots of what appears to be a crumbling shrine or place of worship, as well as some promo pictures of the band. There are also a few really cool taglines, though. My favorite being the one at the very end that says, “A NEW ICON OF SORROW IS FRAMED.” Just sounds really cool to me.

Anyways, the video for ‘The Forsaking’ will premeire this Friday, December 21st.  Cheers.

– EC


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