The Black Dahlia Muder

The Black Dahlia Murder are one of the best bands in metal. Ritual was a fantastic record and one of my favorite records from 2011, and even their past releases are fantastic as well. However I always wanted to get my hands on an awesome vinyl from these guys, but never had the chance. Until now.

Via Metal Blade Records, the band’s current home:

New vinyl releases from THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER coming this January!
Look for the limited vinyl repressing of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER’s current release, Ritual, available as glow-in-the-dark vinyl along with the band’s 2007 release Nocturnal, which is being made available for the first time on vinyl and will be in transparent blue. Both items will be available exclusively in Metal Blade Records Store HERE starting this January.

Also, in weird news, the band will be on Warped Tour 2013. Can’t say I’m stoked about this considering it’s 90% scene bands with 1 or 2 good bands strewn in to attract different crowds other than 12 year old scene girls looking to buy the most neon shirt they can find. Oh well. Go see them on that, I guess (just kidding, wait until they release an album and do a headlining tour). But hey, the Warped Tour gig just goes to show the band’s success and it will open them to a new audience.

You can Preorder the vinyl copies now from Indiemerchstore. Meantime, go spin Ritual again.


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