At the end of last week, Ghost got all cryptic and opened up a new website with a strange countdown and an eerie carnival keyboard track. Over time, more instrumental tracks were added to the site, slowly revealing the band’s new single ‘Secular Haze.’ Not long after all of the tracks were revealed, the band released the full track, which can be streamed over at YouTube. Embedding is disabled; what’s up with that?!

After hearing the single, all I could think was THANK YOU BASED SATAN FOR THESE POP DOOM RIFFS. It’s good to know that the band are still fully embracing their fun “Scooby Doom” theatrics, which have gotten even more out-there and conceptual as the group recently donned a new frontman of sorts. Just as popes come and go in succession, it seems that Ghost are cycling out Papa Emeritus I for Papa Emeritus II. In reality, it was just a costume change — that frontman is the heart and soul of Ghost it seems, and if he’s gone, I’d imagine the band as a whole are gone. A pro-shot live video of the track featuring the unveiling of Papa Emeritus II was made available, which you can view below:


Ghost’s forthcoming sophomore album will be out early 2013. Get excited!

– JR


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