Suffocation - Pinnacle of Bedlam

There’s something comforting about the regularity and consistency of Suffocation. Every single album put out by this New York death troop is, at the very least, great and with the first taste of their upcoming album Pinnacle Of Bedlam it’s fair to assume that even without the pummeling brute force of long-time drummer Mike Smith, the band are well on track to continue their legacy.


Normally for these posts I would throw together a whole reel of hyperbole to try and tell you how good this is, but honestly it’s the Suffocation you know and love. So if you’re a fan, you will have already hit play and be doing Frank Mullen’s patented Spirit Fingers to that brutal opening riff. And if you’re not already up together with these legends then now is your chance to get acquainted with a death metal band that toe the lines of the brutal, technical and slam scenes as often as each other before Pinnacle… drops February 15th through Nuclear Blast.


– DL

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