Rap has no place on a metal site as far as I’m concerned. Though, we are called “Heavy Blog” and there is something undeniably raw and ‘heavy’ about Death Grips first of two 2012 releases, The Money Store. I’m not versed in the greats of hip-hop. I’ve avoided that genre for far too long, however this album struck me in a way no other  hip-hop has. The beats are unconventional, the samples are unique and MC Ride’s delivery is nothing short of prolific.

So let’s talk a bit about why this is one of the biggest stand-out non metal releases this year. Hailing from Sacramento, California this duo/trio has made huge waves in the hip-hop community. Shifting focus away from gangs, violence and vanity themed lyricism, Death Grips quickly found their niche among the similar crowd of Odd Future fans. After their career skyrocketed preceding the release of their mix tape Ex Military on microlabel Grindcore Karaoke,  they we’re quickly scooped up by Columbia/Epic Records for a recording/touring contract. May I remind you that Death Grips are only 2 years old as a band?

Extremely impressive track record for such a young group if I do say so myself. So with their early 2012 release of the Money Store, it seems like they’ve made their opus. It’s impossible to judge at this point though, do to their youth as a band, but with such a wide variety of tracks, a refreshing mix and great compositions, they have really justified their spot in modern hip-hop. From the Fat Boy Slim esque beats of ‘I’ve Seen Footage’ to the complex intro of ‘Hacker’. There is enough here to keep even the most elitist metal fan head turned[Challenge accepted – Juular] and the most rave-happy electronic fan’s head bobbing. Not to mention, the lyrics are almost avante-garde. They are wacky and passive aggressive, but only in the best way. MC Ride can really turn a phrase and make seemingly completely unrelated words work together to culminate into a common theme. If you’re looking for something different, than the Death Grips are one of the best things out there.

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