Between finals week and being in a constant limbo of varying degrees of sickness, I’m bound to forget to pass on good news from time to time. Today I’m going to make up for one such instance: Jazz metal fusionists Exivious are now back in action after guitarist Tymon Kruidenier and bassist Robin Zielhorst parted ways with Cynic. Returning with fellow-guitarist Michel Nienhuis (also of avant-garde black metal group Dodecahedron) and backed by new drummer Yuma van Eekelen, the trio are in the studio trying to make their sophomore album Liminal happen. Though, being in a jazz-metal fusion band means you’re going to want stellar production for a very niche genre of music, so the cost is going to be high and money is going to be scarce. The group are out of funds and are turning to fans to help pay for studio time.

Luckily, the band were able to reach their goal without much issue at all, which guarantees that the album will see the light of day within the next year. You can still contribute and pre-order Liminal early at the band’s website. Get in on it while the getting’s good and make sure they have plenty of comfortable breathing room in their budget. In the mean time, check out some studio footage and clips of new music below:

Liminal will be self-released in 2013. Get excited!

– JR


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