Lyric videos are the new black, that’s a given, and while it’s only one tiny step up from an audio stream, I’m OK with them becoming the de-facto system for premiering new material. Even if 90% of time I tend to hit play and then move to another tab.

However, this time I decided to stick around to check out the lyrics to the brand new Rotten Sound track ‘Salvation‘, taken from their upcoming EP Species At War, and I’m glad I did. Not only is the music suffocating and oppressive but vocalist Keijo Niinimaa’s lyrics are as brutally primal as the grindcore going on around them, thankfully continuing on the intensity from where the band left off on their 2011 opus Cursed. And while grindcore may not be the revered sub-genre around here, these Finnish grinder’s relatively clean and tight approach to the genre would probably be slightly less abhorrent to the vast majority of you — and t’is the season, so how about curling up by the log fire with a warm cup of tea and wreck your ears with Rotten Sound?


Species At War is set for a January 22nd release through Relapse Records.

– DL


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