Apparently The New Yorker just released a huge spread on industrial music mastermind, Trent Reznor. You know, that dude who created the little known musical project Nine Inch Nails. I haven’t gotten a chance to read the damn thing, on account of being a broke college student, but luckily Metal Insider has been so kind to cover a few of the more interesting topics discussed in the spread.

The two most important bits of information seem to be that Reznor plans on releasing a Nine Inch Nails best of collection, tentatively set for release in 2014. The coolest bit of news regarding that is that the release will include two new songs from the project. I love me some NIN, and I doubt the songs will be anything less than awesome, especially if they are specifically been made for a best of collection, which implies, you know, that their some of the best songs that Reznor has put out under the project. I doubt they’ll reach that height, but hey, new NIN music. Hurry up and let me give you my money, man.

The other big news featured in the spread was the fact that Reznor is collaborating with Beats Electronics, the makers of Dre Beats, to create a streaming music service that will compete with the ever growing Spotify. Reznor’s comments imply that his service will outshine Spotify in terms of discovering new music, and personalization for individual users, to enhance the experience. While I’ve not yet jumped on the streaming music band wagon I can definitely see this being exciting news for a lot of people.

The only problem is that Reznor has a habit of announcing these huge outtakings and then dropping out before things really get underway. But there’s no doubt that this man loves music (and money) and with streaming services being the newest “in” thing, I bet there’s huge potential for revenue. So I wish him the best of luck, and hopefully he can make something really special with this project.

[via Metalsucks]

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