Devin Townsend

I unabashedly love Devin Townsend and almost every album he has every released (still can’t get into The Hummer), and I don’t think there’s anything that he can do that would turn me away from his music. And I usually really love his tour diaries, as they tend to be pretty cool behind the scene looks at what goes on during a tour. He tends to be a really down to Earth and funny dude that has captivated me for years, and we’ve praised him for such way more often to probably any other musical act.

Because of this a lot of people tend to think we talk about him a bit too much, and give him too much credit than he deserves. While I would argue against that, I do see how people who are not fans of his work could become potentially annoyed by this habit. And that’s one of the reasons why we’ve pretty much discontinued our “Devwatch” segment, where we would pretty much just wax excitedly over every little Twitter update the man put out (to be fair, his Twitter updates are fairly exciting for me).

However, even though I enjoy the man, and think he’s pretty damn funny, I’m not a fan of his latest touring diary, which amounts to little more than four minutes of farts from him, and his touring buddies on the European Epic Industrialist Tour… Yeeeeaaah.

I’m not going to say much else. Below you can “watch” the video if you wish, but even me, a die-hard fan, only made it about twenty seconds, approximately three farts, into the video. Maybe some of you will find this entertaining. So yeah, there’s that.

– EC


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