I’ve always been able to say that there isn’t a single bad band on Basick Records; you can thumb through their roster of forward-thinking rock and metal acts and you won’t be able to find a single band that’s less than good. Unless of course you’re a curmudgeon and hate everything that was recorded outside of a forest in Sweden, of course.

Today, the trend continues with Basick’s signing of Chicago-based three-piece Alaya. Judging by the band’s leading single ‘Inside,’ the band sports some intensely heartfelt melodies, both instrumentally and vocally, backed by metalcore’s sense of rhythmic attack — and no, they aren’t djent. Frontman Evann Dunn is a stellar vocalist, capable of creating soaring melodies with enough conviction while maintaining enough grit in his voice to not sound whiney, a common complaint from other vocalists in the genre.

See for yourself and watch the band’s new video for ‘Inside’ below:

Alaya’s debut album Thrones will be available in 2013 through Basick Records. We’ll keep you posted!

– JR


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