Every day my Facebook, Instagram, and even sometimes my personal email account become inundated with requests to check out a new band that is either unsigned or that is releasing a demo EP or something. I used to check every single band out, but lately I’ve ignored a lot of them because they say something along the lines of “Hey! If you like……..we are perfect!” I don’t want to listen to you if you sound like another band, because I’ve still got the original, and the rest are just imitators. No band should present themselves in this way, and it is a major turnoff for labels, but I digress.

Horde of Sirens are a progressive metal band a la Protest The Hero mixed with Between The Buried And Me. And when they said I should check them out, they said “We are Horde Of Sirens. We make heavy music.” And that was enough for me. So I checked them out, and ended up liking them enough that I bought their EP, which they just released on iTunes as well as on Spotify. You can check them out, and if you like it enough, buy the record! It’s a really awesome release from a young band. Meantime, like them on facebook!



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